INSIGHT: 7UP has been a great beverage on its own, but also a great ingredient in delicious recipes —a unique position among lemon lime sodas. In 2017, we were challenged to set the brand apart by leaning into this versatility. To answer this we came up with Mix It Up A Little, an integrated campaign that revealed just how much you can do with 7UP. I had the privilege to work along side an amazing team and shoot 10 of those videos as well as part of the website photography.


Mix It UP A Little


Director/DP + Photographer


Hands-on recipes are some of the most watchable, rewarding videos in social media. In the process, we created 20 mouth-watering video recipes. The recipes would be featured on the redesigned 7UP.com and cross-platform social channels. 

2017 Mixer Stills-1.jpg
2017 Mixer Stills-3.jpg
2017 Mixer Stills-2.jpg


After the campaign launched with two comical TV spots from Deutsch LA, it came to life across touchpoints from digital and social all the way to recipes on packaging. A unique point-of-sale campaign by Group 360 even brought 7UP to new places like the baking aisle and freezers. With a comprehensive, creatively awesome campaign, the message was unmissable: there has never been a better time to Mix It Up A Little with 7UP.