INSIGHT: Teachable Tastes website and digital campaign. The program aimed to increase the association between Mott's and their brand purpose through content that helps parents instill positive eating habits in their children at a young age. 


Teachable Tastes



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There are four key "barriers" that hinder kids from eating right. Texture, appearance, flavor and aroma. With the help of leading child nutritionists, Teachable Tastes would tackle those barriers. We developed video, editorial, and website sections to address these four common barriers. Each section hosted five recipes (twenty in total). 



Site visitors of Teachable Tastes were 14% more likely to identify the brand purpose. Visitors spent an average of 33% more time with Teachable Tastes recipes than Mott's recipes. Almost 90% of respondents said they were "very likely" to purchase Mott's products after visiting Teachable Tastes and 70% said the content was relevant to them as a parent. As a result, this Campaign earned a Shorty Awards Finalist spot for best Family & Parenting Campaign.